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    Win your own #Gameofthrones #whitewalker @Comic Con San Diego this weekend!

    We're so excited for all the #GameOfThrones fans to win their very own life-size custom made #WhiteWalker @ComicCon this weekend.  #BlackoutX & #GeekNation are sponsoring this amazing & unique cool giveaway.


    Winner is coming! 


    Check us out as we revolutionize the industry!

    Did you know our Blackoutx is the first and only refillable and disposable vaporizer pen?

    Our sales have skyrocketed since we released our newest vape pen and we're already selling in 22 countries.

    These vape pens make excellent gifts and are fine traveling companions.

    Where in the world do you want to see BlackoutX?

    We will ship it to you.

    Press release here.



    Hurrah! NY legalizes medical marijuana

    As expected, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs the medical marijuana bill that passed the State Senate by an overwhelming vote this week.
    NY is now the 23rd state to allow access to medical cannabis, albeit only via vaporizing, oils and edibles.  
    Celebrate with our first-class BlackoutX vape pen that is refillable with oils or wax and comes with free shipping.