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    Blackout X Launches the 3-in-1 "Dry Herb+ 2.0" for only $99.95

    The "dry herb+ v2.0" is the most anticipated vaporizer on the market. We heard our clients loud and clear - they demanded a pure convection uni-body vaporizer that could handle dry herbs, oils/liquids and wax, with a fixed temperature (390 F / 200 C) for less than $100.

    The "Dry Herb+ v2.0" is 8% smaller and 17% lighter than the 2014 version; and can support in-line micro USB charging. There is no coil, just a convection baking chamber that prevents burning and maximizes vapor.

    The "Dry Herb+ 2.0" is the best 3-in-1 vaporizer in the world for less than $100!!! 

     PRE-ORDER the 2015 Dry Herb+ v2.0 Kit Now!!!

    Seth Rogen Invites Fans to Smoke Weed With Him at 'Interview' Screening

    Hotboxing may be a thing, but is TheaterBoxing a new trend in the making?  

    Well, if you are lucky enough to hang out with Seth Rogen in Denver for the preview of his new movie The Interview, you might just help create it.  The actor, who is very upfront about his cannabis habit, wants to get his legion of fans to join him in watching movies from the highest seat in the theater...

    The Interview stars Rogen and James Franco as two guys who head to North Korea with instructions to kill leader Kim Jong Un. It is a Columbia Pictures release on Dec. 25 2014.

    Win your own #Gameofthrones #whitewalker @Comic Con San Diego this weekend!

    We're so excited for all the #GameOfThrones fans to win their very own life-size custom made #WhiteWalker @ComicCon this weekend.  #BlackoutX & #GeekNation are sponsoring this amazing & unique cool giveaway.


    Winner is coming!