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    Why be the fish when you can be the SHARK?

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    The 710Shark Oil Filling Machine

    Compare with others over $29,500.00

    The 710Shark is the only machine on the market which fills hundreds of cartridges or disposables each minute for wholesale distribution.

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    100-300 Cartridges Per Minute

    The 710Shark is the only machine on the market which fills cartridges or disposables en mass for wholesale distribution. This one-of-a-kind cartridge/vaporizer filling machine can fill both disposables and/or reusable cartridges made of plastic, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel with no exchange of parts or equipment necessary.


    Dual-Heat Injection System

    Our state-of-the-art system dual-heat injection system allows you to fill all types of cartridges with even the thickest of oils. Our technology allows liquids to be simply and efficiently warmed and loaded into the device.





    Ultra Quiet/Oil-Free Air Compressor

    The California Air Tools 5.5 gallon air compressor includes an oil-free pump and operates at a soft 60 decibels.




    Package Includes:

    • California Air Tools 5.5 Gallon Ultra Quiet/Oil‑Free Air Compressor (1 Hp)
    • Oil-Free Pump / 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI & 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI
    • 120 PSI Maximum Pressure / Ultra Quiet - Only 60 decibels
    • (2) x Oil Basins
    • (2) x Ceramic/Plastic Cartridge Trays (cartridges sold separately)
    • (2) x Stainless Steel Cartridge Trays (cartridges sold separately)
      • Power Cord - Standard 115V
      • 25' Air Compressor Hose with Universal Attachment
      • Extra Fuses and 100 Replacement Syringes


      • 30-Day Testing and HD Live Video Training
      • 1 Year Full Warranty (Parts and On-Site Labor Included)
      • 3 Year Parts Warranty (Labor additional after year 1)

        Simple to Use

        Machine arrives ready-to-use, pre-assembled and pre-tested from our factory.

        • To begin, plug in the air compressor and the 710 Shark into a standard 115V outlet.
        • Attach air hose (included) from machine to air compressor (universal attachment).
        • Turn on air compressor and 710 Shark which will begin heating to preset 60C.
        • Place cartridge tray on oil basin & insert cartridge tray.
        • Press Manual/Auto Mode buttons to begin auto-fill.
        • Adjust timings, fill time and load height in manual mode as desired.


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