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    Bitcoin Helps Electronic Cigarette Users Light Up for the Holidays - Blackout Cigs Partners with Bitpay to Accept Bitcoin Virtual Currency

    Blackout Bitpay Bitcoin Press Release

    ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Dec. 3, 2013– The future of virtual currency has united with the future of smoking, as one of the first major e-cigarette companies is now accepting bitcoin payments. Jacksam Corporation, owner of Blackout Cigs, has partnered with Bitpay to provide one of the fastest, most convenient and progressive ways to pay for goods. 

    Bitcoin is an online, virtual currency that has several advantages, which is why Blackoutis one of the first e-cigarette companies to adopt the payment platform. Because the bitcoin is not tied to credit card issuers or banks, the value is transferred directly from the customer to the merchant. As a result, the transaction is completed in minutes – not days – and the transaction fees are minimal. “Our mission is to make Bitcoin every merchant’s favorite form of payment,” said Anthony Gallippi, Bitpay’s CEO. “Blackout is a forward thinking company, and we are thrilled that they have adopted bitcoin payments.”

     In January, Bitpay and Blackout began discussing bitcoin and its place in the e-cigarette industry. Since that time, a solid partnership between both companies has formed, and the value of the bitcoin has grown exponentially. “During our initial meeting, I wish Anthony would have forced me to buy into bitcoin because I could have retired by now,” joked SeedFrog LLC Managing Director and Blackout investor Danny Davis. Read more here...

    Get the Black Smoke Out of Your Life - Blackout E-Cigs Offer Smokers a Cheaper, Cleaner and Cooler Alternative

    Blackout E Cigs Times Square PRNewswire BillboardORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today smokers' wishes for cleaner, cooler and cheaper cigarettes are becoming a reality. Blackout e-cigarettes, which is owned by Jacksam Corp., has launched a brand-new upscale line of electronic cigarettes that cost a fraction of the price of a real pack of smokes, yet the stylish design and great taste finally make it cool for users to "light up".

    Blackout e-cigs get smokers away from the black smoke found in regular cigarettes while providing a superb quality product that tastes great and has an unparalleled design. "Unlike other e-cigarettes that look cheap and draw eye rolls, Blackout's products look cool, feel natural and taste like a real cigarette," said Candice Garcia, Blackout's Social Media Bandita.

    Every Blackout product is neatly packaged in an attractive black container that features Blackout's one-of-a-kind logo. "Inside each pack, customers will find the classiest e-cigarettes on the market," added Garcia. After "lighting up", smokers will savorBlackout's great tobacco taste – without being exposed to the harmful tobacco, tar, unappealing odors, carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke. Each Blackout e-cig is jet black, and Blackout's flavor cartridges provide a taste for every smoker: tobacco, menthol and cherry. In addition, Blackout's LED tips change color to match the flavor, which add a unique effect and inform those around that you are enjoying the coolest e-cigarette on the market.  Read more here...